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The Calling of Amos


Kees de Kort also works with Biblical themes for an adult audience. After the specific persons and stories he depicted in the series ´What the Bible tells us´, he felt more and more drawn to the prophetic writings and biblical wisdom. “War and peace, just and unjust, love and exploitation, life and death, all situations in the Old Testament where mankind can seem sometimes so barbaric, yet these same dichotomies are still very much alive today. I try through my use of colour and form not just to factually represent these prophetic writings and words of wisdom but paint them in the hope that the viewer experiences what is written.”
In twelve paintings about the Old Testament prophet Amos, Kees de Kort shows how Amos strikes out in no uncertain terms against the unjust distribution of wealth under the rule of Jeroboam II. “No one takes into consideration the plight of the poor, the beggar (the homeless) or the slave. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer.”

The series on the prophet of Amos appeared in the book ´Amos, a prophet of Judah´, NBG 1989


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